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Free consultation

If you have lost a tooth, missing multiple teeth or have an unsatisfactory denture, dental implants can be the answer for you.

Once you are referred by your own dentist, by a friend or colleague, or simply decide yourself that you would like to know more about how dental implants could benefit you, the first step is to arrange your free consultation.

Dr. Ben Manzoor will carefully listen to your concerns and your requirements, thoroughly evaluate your dental health to you in a clear and concise manner whether or not a dental implant treatment is suitable for you. This first meeting is intended to be a fact finding session and we will also outline the procedure for dental implants , the time frames and relevant costs of the treatment to you.


Before a final decision can made about the type of treatment most suitable for you, it is often necessary to gather more information in the form of xrays including 3-D CT scans, photographs and models. The planning stage of dental implant treatments is the most important stage. With the  relevant information and meticulous planning pleasing results with predictable outcome can be ensured.

Treatment plan

Once all the necessary information has been investigated and assessed, Dr. Manzoor will discuss the treatment solutions relevant to your dental situation. Treatment cost, complexity, procedure and the stages will be discussed with you in detail. This will be followed by a written treatment plan.

Fixed fee quotation

We believes that from the outset, it is essential that you are fully informed of the cost of your treatment. We will provide a clear, written, fixed quotation for your completed dental implant treatment. You will also be informed about the possibility of additional treatment such as bone graft required in addition to dental implants.

Treatment Provision

Once a definitive treatment plan agreed, the treatment appointments will be booked. Dr. Manzoor will explain what you can expect at each stage of treatment and the time frames between stages. At our implant centre we make sure that you receive the best care. We have a dedicated team who endeavour to support you throughout the treatment and long term maintenance.


The care of your dental implant solution is important in ensuring a long term, predictable outcome. Our team will make sure that you are fully versed in all aspects of caring for your implant treatment. He will advise when and how frequently you should attend for examination. It is important that good oral hygiene is maintained and you will be required to see dental hygienist on the regular basis. We also advice to keep regular check with your own dentist.

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