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Same Day Teeth (also known as Teeth-In-A-Day , All-on-4 )

A new, simplified solution for the patients who have lost all or most of their teeth. The full-arch rehabilitation provides aesthetic and functional teeth in just one day. The non-removable teeth are fixed permanently on four implants, making same day implants a most stable and reliable solution for patients with missing teeth. Same day dental implants allow the highest rate of success with guaranteed, satisfying results.


Benefits of Same Day Teeth : All-on-4

Teeth-In-A-Day may be your best option if you have failing teeth and do not wish to wear dentures, or if you are an existing denture wearer and experiencing discomfort.

  •  Fixed (Non-Removable)

Unlike conventional dentures, the same day teeth implants procedure allows you to have a full mouth of permanent teeth that feels and functions like real. The Teeth in a day® procedure eliminates the day-to-day frustrations and discomforts of dentures.

  •   Aesthetic

Unlike conventional dentures which are large in size and could possibly affect your appearance over time, Teeth in a day gives you the set of teeth that looks and acts like natural, healthy teeth.

  •   Same-Day Teeth (‘Teeth in a Day’)

Unlike dentures or locators that need lengthy transition period, same day dental teeth procedure is often completed in a single day as the implants and teeth are inserted on same day.

  •   Immediate Function

The recovery process is minimized using the  All-on-4 procedure. You can eat, talk, and socialize as soon as you have left us.


  •   Minimal Need for Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure often necessary in a process of building conventional implants. The missing tooth often causes loss of bone underneath and in order to restore this area the bone is taken from your chin or pelvis. With same day teeth you only need a minimum number of implants inserted and therefore in most cases bone grafting is not required.

  • Bring The Cost Down

Unlike conventional implants that may require 8-10 implants and bone grafting that makes the entire process long and complex with treatment taking up to a year, Teeth in a day has made a revolution by significantly bringing the cost down for more effective and satisfying results. The exact cost varies due to each patient’s individual needs and their condition, but with a lesser number of implants and the simpler ‘Teeth-in-a-Day’ procedure, Same Day implants are a definite solution for patients with missing teeth. Excellent value for money – experience allows our team to provide your same day teeth implants  solution at very competitive prices.

Treatment, which is inclusive of extractions, implant placement, same-day temporary fixed bridge with 10 teeth, after-care and a final fixed titanium implant bridge after approximately 5 months, starts from £11,900.

Please refer to Fee Guide for further details.

We would welcome any questions and enquiries if you are interested in dental implants or other dental treatment provided at our practice. For further information kindly call us at 01634 817 417, email admin@thorndent.co.uk or fill a contact form.

Treatment Process

Traditional approaches to restoring a full arch of teeth usually involved bone grafts, six or more implants, and as many as 18 months of treatment. That meant that a patient would often be without any teeth or have to wear ill-fitting temporary dentures for more than a year.

  • Step 1

The dentist will examine you to discuss all your available options.

  • Step 2

You will  have two or three visits to our office to allow us to gather information ready for your implant placement.

  • Step 3

Implant Placement and Bridge Fitting

 You will return for occasional check-ups over the next several weeks and months. After almost six months, when the gums have fully healed and the implants are fused to the natural bone, we will take new impressions of your mouth and prepare a final, stronger, permanent set of teeth adjusted to a perfect fit. This helps ensure the longest life of the teeth, and provides maximum support, beauty and function.


10a 10b

A 65 year old male patient presented with several missing and failing teeth. The remaining teeth were extracted, 4 implants were immediately placed and patient was provided with 12 Teeth Bridge. All-on-4 provided the highly desirable aesthetics and function.


11a 11b

A 54 year old female patient who was not happy with her denture and suffered from gag reflex visited our Centre for permanent fixed teeth. After a detailed discussed she opted for All-on-4 as it was the simple and cost effective option. We placed 4 implants and provided her with fixed bridge.


12a 12b

A 78 year old patient who struggle to eat for several years and was told can only have denture. He visited us for 2nd opinion. We recommended All-on-4 as this treatment can be provided without bone grafting in elderly patients. This treatment has improved both chewing and speech for the patient.

Teeth in a day FAQ’s

How does Teeth in a day differ from dentures?

Unlike dentures, same day dental implants are a permanent set of teeth that look and feel natural. That means they:

• Are permanent teeth that are brushed and cleaned like natural teeth
• Do not have to be taken out and cleaned each night
• Do not need messy, sticky adhesives
• Do not press down on your gums, so they’re more comfortable
• Allow you to taste and experience hot and cold food
• Do not cause you to gag
• Allow you to bite with increased force, so you can eat all of your favourite foods
• Prevent bone deterioration

How does Teeth in a day compare to traditional implants?

Teeth in a day uses only four implants, unlike traditional implants which need anywhere from 5 to 8 implants in one arch. Because the posterior implants of the All-on-4 procedure are placed at an angle, allowing for increased bracing and strength by using greater volume of your bone.
Further, traditional implants often require bone grafting, a process that can take 6 months or more to heal. same day dental implants needs no bone grafting for most patients, with extremely high clinical success rates.
Teeth in a day is designed to save you time and money as well as repeated surgery and discomfort.

What is the success rate of Teeth in a day?

Published studies show a 98.2% success rate using Teeth in a day in the lower arch, and a 94% success rate on the upper arch.

Am I a candidate for Teeth in a day?

If you are currently wearing dentures, or will need dentures in the future, and you are in good health with little bone deterioration, you could be a candidate for same day teeth.

If you or Dr Manzoor have concerns about any health issues, we will contact your GP to discuss your medical condition and determine if this treatment is right for you. It is rare for a medical condition to interfere with your ability to have this procedure.

If Dr Manzoor feels that you are not a good candidate for same day implants because of health concerns or severe bone loss, there is no need to worry; we can recommend alternative procedures to meet your needs.

Will Teeth in a day give me a natural looking result?

Prior to making your final set of new teeth, Dr Manzoor will ensure that you are pleased with the size, shape, colour, proportion, and comfort of your new teeth.

Many of our patients tell us that their new teeth are more beautiful than their permanent teeth ever were. It is our goal to make you confident in your new smile.

Why should you choose us for your Teeth in a day Treatment?

  • No need for extractions first – in 90% of cases our clinicians can remove your failing teeth and place the implants at the same time.
  • Outstanding aesthetics – we offer an all porcelain and zirconia final bridge for the ‘next level’ in natural appearance and feel.
  • Excellent value for money – experience allows our team to provide your Teeth in a day® solution at very competitive prices. Treatment inclusive of extractions, implant placement, same-day temporary fixed bridge with 10 teeth, after-care and final fixed titanium implant bridge after approximately 5 months starts from £10900. See special offer section for discounts available.
  • Flexible payment with an option to spread the cost over 6 months.

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