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    Single tooth restoration can bring back your confidence

    Oral health issues cannot get more serious than loss of a tooth, be it in old age or a result of an accident, it is traumatic in every shape. Having lost a single tooth can have a great effect on a person’s smile, his/her way of communication and thus overall persona. It is vital to cure tooth loss and replace missing teeth, even in the case of a single missing tooth. At The Thorndike Dental Practice, we discuss with our patients’ single tooth replacement options, like dental bridges or dental implants, which replace the missing tooth with a natural looking new tooth. However, the functionality and ease of both the procedures are immensely different and need to be known by the patient before opting for either one.
    Dental Bridges
    The traditional treatment option for the loss of a single tooth is a dental bridge. A dental bridge is the form of tooth/teeth replacement that fills the gap between the natural teeth left by a tooth/teeth loss. The existing teeth are fixed by dental crowns which then support the dental bridge inserted. While dental bridges can effectively replace a missing tooth to restore oral functions and aesthetics, they require alteration to what are likely to be completely healthy, natural teeth. Thus it involves downsizing of the existing teeth which weighs down the value of this dental procedure, so we often do not recommend dental bridges treatment for tooth loss. Instead, we prefer dental bridge treatment when a group of teeth has gone missing and we are able to secure the bridge with dental implants rather than dental crowns.
    Dental Implants
    At Thorndike Dental Practice we take pride in provision of new cutting edge treatments that are novel to dentistry, hence providing the latest treatments to our patients. Dental implants are an excellent option for a patient whether a single tooth, a group of teeth, or an entire arch of teeth has been lost. For single tooth replacements we use a small titanium screw to entrench into the jaw bone of the patient which is in turn covered by a natural looking dental crown customised to patient’s existing teeth.
    There are many features elevating the importance of this dental procedure; firstly, they offer patients maximum security, secondly, they continue to stimulate healthy growth in the jaw bone. Moreover, they can be cared for just as the natural teeth, and they are extremely durable (with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime). Once the dental implant has been placed and has had time to fuse with the jaw bone, a dental crown will be attached. The dental crown will be customized to complement the shape and colour of the natural teeth so that it blends in seamlessly with the smile. Hence filling in that void in your confidence that was built by a mere loss of tooth curing which is not a problem today, thanks to modern dentistry.

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